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Old World Finish

Old World Finishes is a simulation of textures used to plaster the first homes built in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties. As many layers of paint were applied on the walls, it smoothed out the original texture of these old homes and throughout the years it decreased the ridges creating a smooth, bumpy kind of texture. This texture is known as Old world Finish, Palm Beach Bumpy Finish or Sponged Float Finish. To simulate this finish with our techniques, the application of the Last cont has to be smoothed out with a sponge before the texture gets hard in order to achieve an old plastering finish to homes from centuries ago.

Smooth Finishes

This finish is achieved by rubbing the mud with a float in a circular motion while the mud on the wall is still wet and until a smooth surface is obtained. This finish is the most elegant and refined finish due to its smoothness perfection.

Some textures work better to achieve an overall look and feel like a smooth texture for a Mediterranean look or a sand finish for a more modern look.


Float Smooth Finish is the plastering finish with the smoothest finish.

Scored Lines

Score Lines

Scored Lines over smooth finish is a plastering technique used to enhance inner ornaments as well as partial exterior elevations, providing elegance and sophisticated décor. This technique is accomplished, by cutting the stucco on the wall while it is still wet a scoring tool, creating gaps and divisions in horizontal, vertical or diagonal areas.

Stucco Siding

Simulated Stucco Siding (Key West Style) is derived from a smooth finish, however it overlaps stucco bands simulating the sidings in Key West Style Homes. Simulated stucco plastering has the advantage of being more resistant than regular sidings, holding up to hurricanes without chipping or breaking at a more affordable price..


Simmulated Brick

Simulated Brick is a perfect unique choice for commercial or residential projects with time and budget restrains. We help our clients save as much as possible and we reflect it in the cost of labor, materials and completion time. Simulated brick is great for new or renovation projects since it does not require any additional preparation except that the surface must be clean and debris free. The variety of choices adds great advantage since it is not delivered from a factory; instead we customize it to meet our client’s needs. We can minimize or enlarge the brick size, as well as the score line that divides the brick, or we can project it to surround windows, arches, doors or any other specific area on the building’s elevation. The variety of colors and the way they are integrated in the mud gives our brick a unique style, making your home you’re a magnificent unique masterpiece with your own design.

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) is a type of building product that provides exterior walls with a finished surface, insulation and waterproofing in an integrated composite system. EIFS is also known as “synthetic stucco” and “Dryvit”- a popular EIFS brand. EIFS can be used on a wide range of buildings, including home, apartments, condo’s, government buildings, and so on. It is to be used as facades and soffits on shopping centers, and for decorative purposes (to look like stone, or so create signage or artwork).

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

EIFS can be used on new buildings and also can be installed on existing walls, called “retrofitting”, to upgrade the appearance and provide insulation, without affecting the activates indoors during the renovation.
EIFS has number of features that contribute to its popularity, including a modern seamless look, the ability to mimic other materials, reasonable cost, and high-energy efficiency.

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