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Crown Molding Profiles

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Standard or Custom Crown Moulding Profiles

We have many stock profiles of crown moulding or we can make a custom application in a wide variety of wood species. Using our in-house tooling, our custom orders are made on site in just a few additional days. Once we create your custom profile, we can stock that profile as a proprietary profile for your business, and your business only.

Whether you call it a crown molding or crown moulding, every product is craftsman quality, made using technology that guarantees consistency, is installed on time and offered at fair and competitive prices. That’s what makes us a beyond reliable wood moulding supplier.

Crown Mouldings

Decorative and distinctive

Crown moulding is traditionally installed in the seam where the ceiling and wall meet, both in interior and exterior applications. Used decoratively to cap walls or cabinets, or as door or window hoods, crown moulding is a transitional moulding handy for hiding gaps and uneven edges a distinctive architectural feature that adds measurable style and elegance to a space of varying sizes, up to 15″ depending on the size of the room Adding a series of profiles together creates a stacked moulding. Use crown, baseboard and cove mouldings for intricate, decorative and unique stacked mouldings.

Crown Mouldings - sampler - 02
Crown Mouldings - sampler - 01

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