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Foam Decorations – Columns, Medallions, Wall Caps, Pier Caps, Quoins & Stucco Bands

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Foam Decorations - Columns

Foam Decorations - Columns

The architect Imhotep of ancient Egypt made use of stone columns whose surface was carved to reflect the organic foam of bundled reeds; in later Egyptian architecture faceted cylinders were also common.

We at Art Deco Plastering proudly presents our complete line of foam plastered columns and architectural details. Only the highest quality materials and workmanship go into the plastering of these fine foam columns. Each column is hand plastered, carefully inspected and monitored during the plastering process to ensure the unsurpassed quality our customers have come to expect from us. The use of columns is essential to add drama and grandeur to any building. Custom made to fit any size or application.


Foam Decorations - Medallions

Decorative medallions are reminiscent of those crafted long ago. Medallions are used to create a sense of ambience and atmosphere.

Designed to be located on exterior walls and ceilings, but often found adoring chandeliers, in entryways, courtyards and gables or in any area where you want to add special charm to the house or building.


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Foam Decorations - Wall Caps

Foam Decorations - Wall Caps

Foam caps are an attractive addition to posts, privacy walls or walls of all type. Balconies, privacy walls and decorative balustrades will look more complete when topped with a coordinator cap. If you decide years from now that you would like to renovat, the old caps can be simply removed and replaced with a more desired style.

Foam Decorations - Pier Caps

Our foam caps have a highly defined profile.They can be installed just on the top of the pier or with a foam base to give it a classy detail. We only install in one way, “the appropriate way” Our foam caps are durable and installed for exterior use, and the materials used resist the constant weather changes in the environment.

Foam Decorations - Quoins

Our decorative quoins are designed to give the impression of strength and firmness to the outline of building. Quoins can be carried out through plastering applications with stone or smooth finish. The appearance of blocks staggered at the corner are a very original simulation to the ancient buildings that at one point in history where standing through the strain of the staggered stone. In recent times we only use it for decoration but the detailed techniques used to simulate stone let us enjoy the beauty of the past


Foam Decorations - Stucco Bands

The stucco bands frame doors and windows, it also serves as a division on exterior elevations vertically or horizontally.

Foam Decorations - Stucco Bands

The bands are mostly foamed with plastic plaster stop facing each other; the dimension on the plaster stop will define the stucco band projection. Stucco bands are a replacement for the hardy plank in Key West style homes. A variety of details derive from stucco bands and it can be applied on any buildings or home style.

Foam Decorations - Decorative Shutters

Decorative Exterior Window Shutters are a great way to add value and curb appeal to your home. Shutters is a wonderful addition to many home exteriors, it brighten your window and enriches your overall exterior with classic character. Shutters can be customized to match a variety of architectural styles like Caribbean, Key West, Bahamian, Colonial, Mediterranean and many more. Our decorative exterior shutters can be constructed from vinyl, synthetic or foam materials. Custom made to fit any size or application.

Foam Decorations - Decorative Shutters 03
Foam Decorations - Decorative Shutters
Foam Decorations - Decorative Shutters 02