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Foam Services

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Foam Services

Art Deco Plastering & Foam is supplies and installs expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene products. We are experts in the foam industry. Our foam products are available in blocks, sheets and shapes, wire cut and CNC cut to your specifications.

Art Deco Plastering’s knowledge, resources and reliability makes us a valuable asset for builders and construction professionals who demand competitive pricing and on-time delivery of EPS and STYROFOAM Brand Foam building materials. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, customer service and expertise to help you with any construction project.


Foam Decorations - Crown Molding

Installing decorative crown moldings not only gives beauty and substance to a plane home, but also is a superb solution to the design challenges posed by today’s contemporary house. In addition, the versatility of crown molding styles and typed makes it adaptable to a variety design treatments, from casual to formal.

Crown molding can make impressive statements along the overhang; at the same time, the integration of brackets with crown or even bigger crown gives a main entrance the stand it deserves.


The foam product and finishes we install comply with the highest standards and techniques developed. The main components (basecoat and fiber glass mesh) that wrap the foam are strategically developed to craft a final product that will last for a number of years.

We are Licensed & Insured!

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Foam Decorations - Foam Trim

It is essential to consider some of the advantages of using molding to enrich, enhance, enlarge, and define space. Molding is one of the ways to set your house apart increase perceived value. Moldings have been applied to traditional and contemporary homes with excellent results.

The look of the molding reinforces charm of the home and invariably elicits comments like “They just don’t build homes like that any more.”

Its use can be to enclosed doors, windows arches or to divide floors, different tone paints and exterior finishes.

Foam Decorations - Window Sills and Trims

The foam window sill is the base for the window trim, usually differs with a bigger size and an outstanding appearance in comparison to the window trim. The stucco applications follow the same principals we use for the installation of any other exterior foam molding which includes base coat, fiber glass, mesh and smooth or stone finish as desired.

Our shapes are custom-made for your interior and exterior applications. These architectural shapes have been designed for all sectors of the building industry and are an advanced and affordable alternative to conventional materials and methods in new construction, remodeling, or simply replacing old moldings.

A window without a trim is like a picture without its frame. In towns surrounded by luxurious homes, we recognize the importance of architectural window trims. Trims give style and charm to your windows, embellishing with a touch of class the outer ambience of your home.

Foam Decorations - Window Sills - ArtDecoPlastering
Foam Decorations - Window Sills and Trims

Foam Decorations - Foam Brackets

By definition a bracket is an architectural element usually made from wood, stone, or metal that projects from the wall and overhangs to allow support of various items. At Art Deco Plastering we use foam brackets to embellish under balconies, below soffits or any other overhangs. Our finishes perfectly match wood like cypress peck, stone or smooth finish. The bracket size and profiles can be customized to fit specific needs.

Foam Decorations - Foam Brackets - ArtDecoPlastering -02
Foam Decorations - Foam Brackets - ArtDecoPlastering

Foam Decorations - Foam Arches

They occur in nature as stone formations; the Romans marched under them to celebrate victory. Now you can have arches in courtyards, main entrances, windows, doors, walk ways, above garages. We decorate and customize the arches with foam moldings, stucco bands or keystones to enhance the original theme architects designed.

With foam trim an arch can be beautiful decorated. Foam profiles and textures give the arch the picturesque appeal our clients prefer.