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Plastering Finishes, Foam Molding and Texture Finishes

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Texture Finishes

Light Texture Finish is a contemporary texture developed and applied in the last two decades, it is commonly used in homes or commercial building due to its affordability. It consists of small particles of mud and high water content. It is applied with a soft and constant motion following a pattern with or out direction as our client’s request.

Medium Texture Finish has a similar application to the light texture finish with the exception that the mud must be thicker or with lower water content.

Heavy Texture Finish is a thicker version of the medium texture finish. The mud used for this application has to be even thicker or mixed with lower water content. It is frequently applied on homes with a Mediterranean design.


Art Deco Plastering uses the following names for exterior plastering finishes:

Plastering Finishes on Foam Molding

Art Deco Plastering has dedicated time and effort on learning the necessary skills to offer foam decorations on any commercial or residential construction project.

We follow factory recommendations on the installation of basecoat and fiberglass mesh before the final coat.

The skilled team members of Art Deco work in team groups to deliver the following finishes on foam surfaces.

Plastering Finishes on Foam Molding

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Foam Columns

The architect Imhotep of ancient Egypt made use of stone columns whose surface was carved to reflect the organic foam of bundled reeds; in later Egyptian architecture faceted cylinders were also common.

We at Art Deco Plastering proudly presents our complete line of foam plastered columns and architectural details. Only the highest quality materials and workmanship go into the plastering of these fine foam columns. Each column is hand plastered, carefully inspected and monitored during the plastering process to ensure the unsurpassed quality our customers have come to expect form us.

The use of columns is essential to add drama and grandeur to any building. Custom made to fit any size or application.

Foam Balustrades

Foam Balustrades beautifully frame the exterior of Roman Villas and palatial estates. Balusters add charm and elegance to the exterior, inviting passage into the majestic interior. Our foam baluster application can have different finishes such as stone or smooth. It can be installed on stimulated balconies, simulated window or between privacy walls giving a house an outstanding and distinguish character in the neighborhood. Custom made to fit any size or application.